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Stay Organized with Seasonal Storage

Roughly twice a year we find ourselves trading patio furniture and summer clothing for snow blowers and winter accessories – and vice versa. Self-storage is a great solution for keeping your seasonal items organized, and in tip-top shape.

Many of our belongings get frequent use, but for just a few months of the year. Instead of cluttering your home or garage – or having to stare longingly at your summer gear during the long East Coast winter – make use of self-storage!

When shuffling seasonal items to and from storage, here are a few key tips to keep in mind:

  • Before you head to your storage unit, look around your house and yard. Jot down any items that you won’t need for the coming months. It’s also a good idea to start making note of the things that you may have in storage that now need to come out.
  • Organize the previous season's belongings by placing like items together, and in clear totes or boxes that are labelled.
  • Once you head to your unit, be sure to keep your seasonal items together for easy access. Stack larger items against the unit walls, and place the boxes or totes in front.

Metro Self-Storage often has seasonal storage specials, so be sure to keep an eye out for promotions. With 12 locations throughout Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, a friendly and convenient storage option is likely near you!

Not sure how much space you’ll need? Have a look at our handy visual storage guide.

Community Support

Metro Self-Storage is proud to contribute to the important work, and support of the following groups:

  • Red Cross
  • Children's Wish
  • Ronald
  • Big Brother
  • Strongest Families
  • Hope Cottage
  • Psp
  • Souls Harbour