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Spring Cleaning Like A Boss With A Storage Unit

It’s spring! Birds are chirping merrily. Grass greener than ever. Fresh air. Flowers blooming. And… spring cleaning?

One of those things is not as pleasant as the others.

Spring cleaning is not a task anyone looks forward to, but it has to be done nevertheless. Kinda like an invasive medical test.

As long as you have to go through the hassle of spring cleaning, why not get something out of it? Use this year’s spring cleaning as the perfect opportunity to rid your house of unnecessary clutter.

Barely able to navigate around the garage because it’s filled to the rafters with things you barely use? Your closet threatening to spill out into your living room any day? Maybe it’s time to think about a storage unit.

Storage Units are an excellent solution for keeping your house clean, organized, and in order. By moving everything you’ll not need anytime soon into a storage unit, you free up so much space in your home.

Let’s go through all the ways a storage unit can help organize and declutter your life this spring.

Ready when you are!

Cleaning Out Your Closet

Winter has gone and gone with it is the need for all your cold weather clothing. The jackets, the warm clothes, the boots, the skis, and the skates are all taking up valuable closet space and need to be taken care of.

Grab a broom, and a hard hat if it’s been a while since you cleaned your closet, and let’s get to it.

Sure, you can leave everything in the closet, and be scared of going in there for the rest of the year. Or, you can move them out of the closet and into a storage facility. Finally get some organization and control back to your closet, and to your life.

That will not only make your closet look a lot better, but also a heck of a lot easier to clean, and a lot more accessible.

Our storage units are perfect for storing all kinds of household items. The climate controlled, safe storage units will keep the content of your closet dry, safe, and secure.

Cleaning Out Your Garage

For a lot of us, the garage is a no-go area. Years and years of mess lays piled up in there, like the wreckage of a long lost ship at the bottom of the ocean.

Why not clean it all up this spring? It will certainly make your life easier. You won’t have to go dumpster diving every time you need something from the garage.

Even if your garage is in perfect shape, spring cleaning is the perfect time to move the winter gear and equipment out of the garage and into a storage unit.

You’re not gonna need that snowblower in the summer. Neither are you going to have any need for those winter tires. Why not put them out of your sight, and out of your mind. Get one of our storage unit, available in many sizes to fit your need, and go into the summer with peace of mind.

Why Metro?

Why should you choose us, you ask?

For over 30 years, we’ve been providing our customers with the highest quality of service.

Serving out of 12 locations in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, we are committed to offering convenient and secure storage solutions in various sizes for both short and long term rentals. Our facilities are climate-controlled, safe, and conform to the highest standards.

With a safe and simple online account management and booking system, and an attentive team, we have the finest facilities in Atlantic Canada.

Spring is rebirth. Let’s look alive people. Come check us out, book a unit right from our website if you like.

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